The Vision Driven Family Institute launched the Certified Family Leadership Coach course to provide you with a mentor, knowledge, skills, and confidence to coach families on how to convert their combined income into generational wealth.  The course is based on the “Family Legacy Capital Model” and “Ownership Wealth Capital Model” created by Phillip & Dr. Janice Porter. Join the ecosystem of Certified Family Leadership Coaches and their families who are destine to impact the racial wealth gap and improve the quality of life of families worldwide.


  • Create a generational legacy and wealth-building plan for your family
  • Receive a Certifed Family Leadership Coach Mentor
  • Opportunity to start your own family leadership coaching business

Family Leadership Coach Certification Requirements Part I: 

  • Successfully complete the Family Leadership Course—20 Hours: $200.00 (Value $500.00)
  • Class Location: Dallas/Fort Worth area only
  • Class Materials/Books:
    • The Power In A Vision Driven Family Workbook: Journey To A Generational Vision
    • The Power In A Vision Driven Family: Journey To A Generational Vision

For more information, get on the waiting email list or to enroll, contact us at

Note: Continuing education (CE) will be required each year to maintain your certification.  CE includes one (1) family focus class and three (3) Soft Skills Certification Courses at the Vision Driven Family Institute.

Do You Want To Learn:

  • The what, why and how a family vision can lead to generational success
  • The godly reasons and the wealth-building reasons for a written family vision & mission
  • How to build a family championship team and motivate your family to take action to achieve your family’s purpose
  • How to create a household budget and calculate your family’s net worth 
  • The financial benefits of a Multigenerational Lifestyle (Student Loan Debt Freedom Plan)
  • The five (5) types of family visions
  • The six types of ownership assets needed to build family wealth
  • The benefits of your “Family Intellectual Capital”

Who Should Attend:

  • The person who would like to improve the quality of life and wealth of their own family
  • Someone that is passionate about helping families
  • Family Service Professionals: Insurance Agents, Real Estate Agents, Investment Advisors, Wealth Managers, Personal Trainers, Life Coaches, Family Business Advisors, and more
  • Pastors, Ministers and Church Leaders
  • Pro and Collegiate Athletes 

  For more information, to get on the waiting email list, or to enroll, contact us at

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