A Family That Learns Together Achieves Success Together

 “The family’s vision has to be grounded in a belief or the idea that joining together is better than going one’s own way.” By Dr. Kirby Rosplock

By Phillip S. Porter, MBA, CFLC, Family Education Director

Do you want to learn:

  • The what, why and how of a family vision that can lead to generational success
  • How to motivate your family to take action “now” to achieve your family’s purpose and achieve success that endures for generations
  • How to build a family championship team
  • The biblical reasons for a family vision/purpose
  • The reasons affluent families (top 5%) have a family vision which can be incorporated into their family’s education program

Vision Driven Family Institute (VDFI) is honored to announce its onsite “Family Success Workshop”.  Take this opportunity to learn from an experienced team of family leadership experts.  Learn the soft skills and various techniques required to establish and maintain a family environment which allows the family to achieve success together.

The workshop is designed for individuals, nuclear families and multigenerational families who want to learn how to come to work together to achieve something greater than they could do on their own. 

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