Building A Successful Family Championship Team: Millionaire Strategies

A Family That Learns Together Achieves Success Together

 “The family’s vision has to be grounded in a belief or the idea that joining together is better than going one’s own way.”

By Dr. Kirby Rosplock

Do You Want To Learn:

  • The what, why and how of a family vision that can lead to generational success
  • How to motivate your family to take action “now” to achieve your family’s purpose and achieve success that endures for generations
  • How to build a family championship team
  • The biblical reasons for a family vision/purpose
  • The reasons affluent families (top 5%) have a family vision which can be incorporated into their family’s education program

Vision Driven Family Institute (VDFI) is honored to announce its onsite “Family Success Workshop”.  Take this opportunity to learn from an experienced team of family leadership experts.  Learn the soft skills and various techniques required to establish and maintain a family environment that allows the family to achieve success together.

The workshop is designed for individuals, nuclear families and multigenerational families who want to learn how to come to work together to achieve something greater than they could do on their own.  

The topics that are included in the onsite “Family Success Workshop” are based on Phillip & Dr. Janice Porter’s family that has been living a family vision lifestyle for over 45 years.  

Workshop Objectives:

  • Learn How To Create a Family Vision & Mission Statement
  • Learn the Five (5) Types of Family Visions
  • Learn the Five (5) Types of Ownerships Needed for Building Wealth
  • Learn How To Create a Family Championship Team
  • One-on-One Sessions with a Family Leadership Coach

Facilitators: Phillip & Dr. Janice Porter

Duration: 5 Hours


The median Black family today owns $3,600—just 2% of the $147,000 of wealth the median White family owns.  The median Latino family has assets worth $6,600.  The median Black family is on track to reach zero wealth by 20811.  1Source: An Institute For Policy Studies Project (2019).

Phillip & Dr. Janice Porter

  • Founders of the Vision Driven Family Institute
  • Co-Founders of Generations Empowerment Enterprises, LLC
  • Wrote and published six books that have inspired and educated families, singles and book lovers throughout the United States for many years.  Two of their most notable books are The Power In A Vision Driven Family and Journeys To I Do. Their book, The Power In A Vision Driven Family has become extremely popular.  It led to them creating and facilitating multi-generational family leadership workshops.
  • Created and designed a Family Leadership Certification Program.  Under their leadership, this certification course is offered online and through local communities, nonprofit and faith-based organizations.
  • Founders and hosts of “Conversations with Visionaries” a Facebook LIVE Show
  • Collectively have over 50 years of leadership, business, education and training experience.
  • Married 35+ years
  • HBCU Alumni: Jackson State University & South Carolina State University 
  • Members of the McKinney Chamber of Commerce

 Clients & Alliances

Greater Friendship M.B. Church, Minneapolis, MN Rev. Dr. Billy Russell, Senior Pastor

Mending Hearts Ministry, Pine Grove M.B. Church, Summit, MS Rev. Dr. Oliver Smith, Pastor

McGhee Memorial Temple COGIC Bay Minette, AL, Superintendent Semuel Causey, Pastor

2019 Kingdom Billionaire Family Conference at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN Dr. Loyace Foreman & Pastor M.F. Cage


 “I’ve always had a written vision for my family; however, I wanted the authors Phillip & Janice to come and share the importance of a written family vision with our church family and teach them how to do it”.  They are an example of a family actually living a family vision lifestyle.  Pastor Rev. Dr. Smith– Mississippi

“This class has revived a vision that I already had for my family many years ago. I did not know about a Family Shield or Coat of Arms but after attending these classes, I created or drafted a Family Coat of Arms for my family.  The family shield reflects our family’s core values.  Attending this class and reading the book lit a fire under me.  I always saw myself as an entrepreneur and this class has help me a lot.”   Nelson in Minnesota

“You’re proving that families can work together and live together, Thank you!”  Phillip in Tennessee

 “I am so proud of my sister Janice and brother Phillip.  This class has been an inspiration to me and my family, I am so glad to be a part of this group of people who attended this class.”  Ethel in Alabama

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