SPRING 2020 WEBINAR INFORMATION SESSION: Family Leadership Coach Certification Webinar Program

By Phillip S. Porter, MBA, CFLC, Family Education Director

Welcome to the Vision Driven Family Institute (VDFI).  Would you like to be a member of a national championship team of Certified Family Leadership Coaches? VDFI has a vision to build a nationwide ecosystem of Certified Family Leadership Coaches who are passionate about educating their own family and families in the community.  It is our dream to have a positive impact on the racial wealth gap in our neighborhood, our community and our country. We invite you to attend our Online Information Session!

Information Session: Tuesday, 3/24/20 @ 7:30pm-8:00pm (CST) Facebook:  www.facebook.com/Porterps

Course Title: Family Leadership Coach Certification Webinar Course

Course Description: This Family Leadership Certification Coach course is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to coach families on how to convert their combined income into generational wealth based on the family vision and core values.  The foundation of this course is centered on the “Family Legacy Capital Model” and “Ownership Wealth Capital Model” created by Phillip & Dr. Janice Porter.  The principles and concepts outlined in these models will develop the students into being effective at establishing and implementing family vision plans and goals for families in the community. 

Family Leadership Coach Certification Webinar CANCELLED because of the Coronavirus Pandemic! It will be rescheduled this Fall.

Course Dates: April 14, 2020 – May 14, 2020

Times: 7:00pm – 9:00pm (CST) on Tuesdays & Thursdays

Course Hrs.: 20 Hours

Minimum Number of Students: 10

Zoom Webinar: Internet Access Note: All webinars will be recorded and made available to the students for 3 months after the webinar ends.

Course Registration Begins: Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Instructors:    Janice M. Porter, EdD, CFLC, Executive Director and Phillip S. Porter, MBA, CFLC, Family Education Director

Certification Class Registration Fees & Enrollment:

* Certification Class: $200.00/person ($10.00/hour) – (Class Value $500.00) You will become a Certified Family Leadership Coach (CFLC).

* Information Class: $175.00/person (Completing assignments not required. You will receive a “Class Participation Certificate”).

Certification Class Discounts:

* Pastors/Ministers: Certification Class: $175.00/person

* Family Discount: Certification Class: $175.00/person

Certification Course

Information Class Registration Fee & Enrollment:

* Information Class: $175.00/person (Completing assignments not required. You will receive a “Class Participation Certificate”).

Information Class Discounts:

* Pastors/Ministers: Certification Class: $150.00/person

* Family Discount: Certification Class: $150.00/person

Information Course

Certification Class Registration Fee Includes – Assigned a Certified Family Leadership Coach: 3 Months (Value $5,000) – The first 10 paid registrations (students) for this first Family Leadership Coach Certification class, will be assigned to both Phillip & Dr. Janice Porter, Founders, Vision Driven Family Institute and authors of the book “The Power In A Vision Driven Family”. They will coach and mentor you in launching a family vision and mission for your family for up to 3 months.

One-on-One Sessions with Course Instructors: Participating in one 1-hour one-on-one sessions with the assigned Certified Family Leadership Coach is vital to the successful completion of the course.  The one-on-one session will be initiated by the student.  The one-on-one sessions are typically used to review topics covered in the class or get feedback on the student’s particular family vision and mission plan they have for their own family.  A successful one-on-one session will begin by giving the student the opportunity to talk about any specific concerns and areas of confusion they might have and conclude with a summary of what was covered in the session and identification of some clear next steps the student can take to progress in the class.

Course Objectives: After satisfactory completion of the course, students should be capable of:

  • Writing a family vision and mission statements that are based on a family’s core values;
  • Implementing two visual representations of a family vision that motivates families to take action;
  • Understanding the many benefits of a multigenerational lifestyle and learning how to write a multigenerational lifestyle plan that becomes a viable strategy to eliminating student loan and other debt while building generational wealth;
  • Understanding the benefits of an effective family rewards system and identifying specific recognition programs that reinforce and encourage families to achieve their family vision and mission;
  • Expanding their knowledge of financial concepts through 
    • creating of a household budget
    • creating of a multigenerational household budget
    • calculating a family’s net worth
    • understanding the value of a good credit report
    • understanding the various income streams required for building wealth
    • running effective family meetings

Benefits To Becoming a Certified Family Leadership Coach:

  • Receive the knowledge, skills and resources to help your own family create wealth-building strategies and a generational legacy plan.
  • Receive the understanding, confidence and soft skills to:
    • Bring your family together as a family unit to identify the purpose of your family unit based on everyone’s individual core values;
    • Assist your family in writing down their family vision and mission of the family unit. 
    • Help each family member to identify their own individual dreams/vision and help them see how their personal vison and mission fit under the umbrella of the family unit vision and mission. 
  • Receive a Certified Family Leadership Coach Mentor
    • The first 10 students who registered will be assigned to Phillip & Dr. Janice Porter
  • Opportunity to start your own family leadership coaching business
  • Allows you to help families identify their life’s purpose and impact generations
  • Become a member of an ecosystem of other Certified Family Leadership Coaches.

Who Should Attend:

  • The person who would like to improve the quality of life and wealth of their own family
  • Someone that is passionate about helping families
  • Two or more generations from one family are encouraged to take this course together
  • Family Service Professionals: Insurance Agents, Real Estate Agents, Investment Advisors, Wealth Managers, Personal Trainers, Life Coaches, Family Business Advisors, and more
  • Organizations that serve families
  • Pastors, Ministers and Church Leaders
  • Professional and Collegiate Athletes


Phillip S. Porter, MBA., Janice M. Porter, EdD, Vanessa N. Patterson, BA, Vonzella L. Watson, MS, LMFT, (2019). The Power In A Vision Driven Family Workbook: Journey To A Generational Vision (2nd Edition). McKinney, Texas: Genetions Empowerment Enterprises, LLC.

Continuing Education Required: Continuing education (CE) will be required each year to maintain your certification.  CE includes one (1) family focus class and three (3) Soft Skills Certification Courses at the Vision Driven Family Institute.

Final Words: The Vision Driven Family Institute is delighted you have chosen to enroll in the Family Leadership Coach Certification Course.  We commend you for placing such importance on helping your family; on working with families in our community; on developing the skills and knowledge required to serve families in a professional and respectful manner.

For More Information, Contact Us: visiondrivenfamily@gmail.com

Instructors Biography

Janice M. Williams-Porter, EdD grew up in Progress, MS.  She graduated from South Pike High School and attended Jackson State University where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a Master’s in Science.  She was blessed to further her education by earning a Specialist degree in Educational Administration in MN.  Janice fulfilled a lifelong dream when she earned her Doctor of Education in K-12 Leadership at Bethel University in MN.  Upon graduation she was honored to dedicate her doctorate degree to her parents Lethell Williams & Elvalene Magee-Williams.

She worked in the field of Education for thirty plus years in numerous roles; as a principal, director, science specialist and teacher in both traditional and non-traditional K-12 schools.  She is co-founder of the national blue-ribbon charter school Friendship Academy of the Arts located in Minnesota.

Her passions are reading, spending time with family, biblical studies, teaching, and traveling.  She served in her church as a Deaconess, Director of the Christian Education Ministry, a Sunday school teacher, and an Executive Board member.

Dr. Porter is married to her best friend, the love of her life, entrepreneur and author Phillip S. Porter.  They have celebrated over thirty-five wonderful years together.  They have four children, one grandson and one granddaughter.

Phillip Sebastian Porter is an entrepreneur, leader, public speaker, author, business advisor, trainer/teacher, family vision coach, and loan officer.  He has come a long way from his humble beginnings in Kansas City, Kansas to be the Chairman and CEO of Generations Empowerment Enterprises, LLC and Co-Founder of the Vision Driven Family Institute.

Phillip is the author of the books, “The Power In A Vision Driven Family”, “Journeys To I Do” Spiritual Gifts Curriculum, and “Home, Estate & Property Inventory Management” currently being sold on Amazon and Kindle.  Phillip was the keynote speaker for the launch of the new Domestic Estate Managers Association (DEMA) Dallas Chapter.  He was highlighted in the Brown & Brown Insurance Inaugural Newsletter and the Starkey International Institute Newsletter and various other local publications throughout the years.

Phillip grew up in Kansas City and attended South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, SC. Phillip received his MBA in Management from the University of St. Thomas in 1987 in St. Paul, MN.  He held Property & Casualty Insurance, Life/Health Insurance and Real Estate Limited Brokers Licenses.  Phillip has been married to his wife Janice for over 35 years. They are the proud parents of four children and one grandson and one granddaughter. He loves to cruise the Caribbean.

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